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  Updated: 22:17 EST

Grim new figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have predicted that US COVID-19 deaths will soar by 73 per cent to 15,600 a week by January 8, and that cases will rocket to 1.3 million a week by Christmas Day The agency revealed projections on Wednesday afternoon that show America will suffer up to 15,600 new Covid deaths a week as of January 8 - or 2,228 deaths per day - a 58 per cent increase from 8,900 deaths currently being recorded each week, equivalent to 1,285 deaths a day. Another CDC prediction estimates that between 620,000 and 1.3 million Americans will have been diagnosed with Covid by the week that ends on December 25 - Christmas Day. That represents a 55 per cent leap on the 840,000 cases that have been recorded over the last week. And hospitalizations are also on course to rocket to 18,400 hospitalizations. Omicron will likely become the dominant Covid strain in the coming weeks, and cause a massive surge of cases shortly after Christmas, one expert has warned, likely fueling the surge the CDC predicts. Dr Gregory Poland, a top epidemiologist at the Mayo Clinic told that an Omicron-fueled surge in cases could be right around the corner.

Parents of the University of Pennsylvania women's swim team are demanding the NCAA change rules that have permitted transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to dominate the competition, declaring 'at stake here is the integrity of women's sports,' has learned. The parents of about 10 swimmers sent a letter last week to the NCAA and forwarded it to the Ivy League and University of Pennsylvania officials. 'At stake here is the integrity of women's sports,' they wrote in the letter obtained exclusively by 'The precedent being set – one in which women do not have a protected and equitable space to compete – is a direct threat to female athletes in every sport. What are the boundaries? How is this in line with the NCAA's commitment to providing a fair environment for student-athletes? 'It is the responsibility of the NCAA to address the matter with an official statement,' the parents continue. 'As the governing body, it is unfair and irresponsible to leave the onus on Lia, Lia's teammates, Lia's coaches, UPenn athletics and the Ivy League. And it is unfair and irresponsible to Lia to allow the media to dictate the narrative without the participation of the NCAA.'

Rachel Hardeman, director of the Center for Antiracism Research for Health Equity at the University of Minnesota, has been investigating the impact of policing on 'birthing people'.

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Flow La Movie dies with wife and son in plane crash
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  • Affleck
  • Hitch
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The US Navy announced on Wednesday that they fired a laser weapon and destroyed a floating target in the Gulf of Aden amid the drone bomb threat by Houthi rebels in Yemen

'There's nothing more important, domestically, than voting rights,' President Joe Biden said Wednesday, as he spoke about a likely switch to the topic in the Senate where a key proposal is stalled.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday introduced the Stop WOKE Act, a bill to ban critical race theory teaching in schools and workplaces across the state.

Chicago Sophomore Elias Valdez (left) was found dead on August 5, 2020, with multiple stab wounds to his chest after police said he took marijuana from a 17-year-old senior without paying.

Mogzank Materassino Nido per Animali Domestici Creativo

Blinding dust storm moving at hurricane force winds of 90mph has blanketed half of Kansas and knocked out power to nearly 120,000 residents Wednesday night. Footage of the powerful storm posted to social media show the winds whipping red dust at such high speeds that nearly nothing was visible, as drivers were forced to pull over and put on their brake lights.

Muhammad Aziz, 83, and another man were exonerated in November after the Manhattan district attorney found that they didn't get a fair trial because authorities withheld key evidence.

Manhattan DA's Office Trial Bureau 40 team has been forced to quarantine after attending an offsite holiday party, which has left several with 'mild to moderate symptoms.'

Music producer Flow La Movie, 38, his wife, 31 and four-year-old son are among six Americans out of nine people dead after chartered Gulfstream IV private jet crashed and burst into flames during landing in the Dominican Republic 

Music producer Jose Angel Hernandez (top right with his wife), better known as 'Flow La Movie,' died along with his wife, son and four other Americans after their private jet crashed and burst into flames during an emergency crash landing in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday (left). The Gulfstream IV aircraft had taken off from La Isabela International Airport on a flight set for Orlando, Florida, when it encountered problems and was forced to attempt a landing at the nearby Las Americas International Airport (bottom right).

The most recent crime statistics released by the NYPD show shootings are still double what they were two years and murders are up by 50% as violent crime continues to spike throughout the country.

San Francisco's woke mayor wakes up! London Breed slams 'reign of criminals' who are destroying city with looting and calls for 'bulls**t' progressive policies to end as she demands 'more aggressive' policing 

Mayor London Breed (left) launched an emergency police intervention to curb open drug use, brazen home break-ins and other criminal behaviors. She argued in favor of 'more aggressive' policing and said San Francisco officials need to be 'less tolerant of all the bulls*** that has destroyed our city'. Her proposal included legislation that will provide police with real-time access to surveillance video and measures making it harder to sell stolen goods. Breed said it was time to end 'the reign of criminals who are destroying our city' and make San Francisco a place where all residents and visitors feel safe. The mayor also pushed for a crackdown on the city's lenient crime policies, arguing that although San Francisco is a compassionate city, it is not weak. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed the city's brazen criminals saying the 'attitude of lawlessness' was 'absolutely outrageous'. Although the California native agreed with there was a need for change, Pelosi did not endorse the mayor's plan.

'Let's go Brandon!': Biden is jeered as he surveys tornado damage in Kentucky after twisters ripped through four states killing at least 88 people and leaving thousands still without water or power 

President Biden arrived at the epicenter of Kentucky's tornado damage on Wednesday to be greeted by jeers of 'Let's go Brandon,' despite bringing a message of unity and saying there was no such thing as red or blue tornados. For the fifth time since taking office, he was delivering messages of condolence and promises of aids to an area ravaged by natural disaster. On Wednesday morning, thousands of people in the remained with power, heat or water after more than 30 tornadoes ripped through four states.

NUOBESTY Gamba di Pollo E Rack Alette per Grill in Accia

Jessica Tremmel, 32, from Florida, has been opening up about her experience working at the theme park in a series of candid TikTok videos.

ZPDD Closestool Piedistallo Vaschetta Toilette Orinal Al

Bew Jirajariyawetch, 23, was grabbed from behind in a chokehold, thrown to the ground, and robbed while she waited for the subway at 34th Street Herald Square station on November 22.

'This is b******t': Manchin snaps at reporters after Dems blame him for killing Biden's hopes of passing Build Back Better this year: Rebel Dem says he is victim of 'bad rumor' as Schumer punts president's flagship $1.75T to next year 

Rebel Democratic Senator Joe Manchin snapped on Wednesday after reports his opposition to the Child Tax Credit killed Joe Biden's hopes for the Senate to pass the president's signature Build Back Better bill by Christmas. 'This is bullshit. You're bullshit,' the West Virginia senator yelled at Arthur Delaney, a reporter for HuffPost Politics, who asked him about reports that the child tax credit has become a major sticking point in his talks with the White House.  'I'm done, I'm done,' Manchin fumed as the questions continued.

In an interview with People, Cannon discussed his decision not to pursue the treatment option as he recounted the heartbreaking loss.

Charles Harrison Streep, 32, pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct for the altercation that left David Peralta, 19, with life-threatening brain injuries after the pair clashed last year.

Heather Carriker, 48 (left), from Nevada, has been charged with child abuse and sexual assault against a child under 14 in a case involving fired CNN producer and accused pedophile John Griffin.

bell hooks, the author whose explorations intertwined race, gender, economics and politics made her among the most influential thinkers of her time, died at the age of 69 Wednesday.

Police busted 44-year-old McRoberts Williams after they say he robbed a bank an then immediately deposited the stolen cash in his own bank account at a nearby ATM.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the economy was making 'rapid progress,' as the Fed announced it would shrink its monthly bond purchases faster than earlier announced.

As we enter into the final few weeks of 2021 and a new year, I can't help but feel an underlying sense of anxiety and hesitation about what 2022 could possibly bring us. I am not trying to sound like The Grinch but I, like most of you, remember the excitement and jubilation of New Year's 2020 as we were entering a new decade, 'the roaring twenties' if you will. My husband and I were heavily tipsy on a rooftop in Barcelona, Spain watching fireworks and I remember feeling blissfully happy and full of anticipation and optimism for the new decade. We all know what happened next, and for that matter, what has happened in the two years that followed. I don't need to tell any of you how much has changed for all of us.

An analysis by KFF finds that 163,000 Covid deaths, or one fifth of the 800,000 recorded in America, could have been prevented if the person was vaccinated. The virus is the third leading killer of Americans.

The Omicron variant now accounts for three percent of U.S. cases, a seven-fold increase from last week. The variant has now been detected nearly 250 times in 33 U.S. states and Washington D.C.

Dr Alina Chan, a specialist in cell engineering at Harvard and MIT, said said the idea that the virus may have been genetically engineered at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is 'reasonable'.

Woman says her vaccinated father was saved from COVID by Ivermectin after doctors tried to get her to agree to a DNR and restrained him to his ICU bed

Mindy Lafevers, 46, told she contracted Covid in mid-February. She said she isolated and sent her children to live with her parents, Priscilla and David, who live nearby. By the end of February, Mindy, having recovered from Covid, was watching television with father David, 71, on March 1. They were watching a program on Alaska when David asked her a question that troubled her.

South African virologist Penny Moore found that a key measure of antibody levels fell fell from 303 against the original strain to undetectable levels against Omicron in those with the J&J shot.

Princeton University is moving its final exams to a remote format after observing an uptick in COVID-19 cases (pictured) likely driven by the highly-contagious Omicron variant

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, top right, testified on Wednesday they do not believe masks should be required on planes any more.

90 Day Fiancé star Jason Hitch died at 45 on Tuesday in a Florida hospital from COVID-19 complications. Hitch's sister Shannon told TMZ that the reality TV personality's family was able to be present at his bedside, and held his hand when he passed away. Shannon told the outlet that Jason didn't have any preexisting conditions and was not vaccinated. Jason was seen on the show in 2014 amid his marriage to Cássia Tavares (both right)

The NBA has reportedly recorded its first case of the Omicron COVID-19 variant among its players, although the infected party has not been identified publicly by the league.

The National Archives will publish the files online at noon on Wednesday. They have been kept secret since 1997, when the government concluded its investigation into JFK's death. The President was shot and killed on November 22, 1963, while riding in a motorcade with his wife Jackie in Dallas, Texas. He was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a Marine sniper who also killed a police officer. Oswald was shot and killed by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days later. The assassination has been the source of conspiracy theories for decades, with many claiming the government played a role in killing the Democrat president, who was seeking a second term when he died.

Ken Kragen, who is best known for organizing the hugely successful We Are The World song with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones that raised $64 million for aid in Africa, died of natural causes.

Amazon Web Services went down for tens of thousands of users worldwide. This marked its second disruption in just days - the last happened on Dec 9 and lasted for seven hours.

The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act is headed to President Joe Biden's desk after overwhelmingly passing the Senate on Wednesday. Authorizing about 5 percent more military spending than last year, the fiscal 2022 NDAA is a compromise after intense negotiations between House and Senate Democrats and Republicans after being stalled by disputes over China and Russia policy. In addition to securing more military aircraft, sea vessels as well as funding to improve existing hardware, the package includes policy provisions directed toward engagement with China and Russia, and establishes a commission to examine the US' 20-year war in Afghanistan. Reforms to improve the life of service members are included as well, such as overhauls to tackle sexual assault and extremism, and a basic needs income program for troops below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Duraline 1128325 Gioco a 3 Cubi-Mensola Decorativo, Bian

If Biden didn't run, the Morning Consult/Politico poll shows VP Kamala Harris has the plurality of votes to replace him with 31 per cent saying they would want her on the ticket if not Biden in 2024.

'It seems to me he's worthy of being held in contempt,' Biden told reporters about the vote to hold Meadows in criminal contempt of Congress for not testifying before Jan. 6 panel.

The Justice Department now must weigh whether to charge former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows with criminal contempt following a vote by the House Tuesday night.

Caught on the back foot! Peloton CEO is slammed after hosting swanky invite-only bash for his fitness instructors at The Plaza Hotel despite canning staff Christmas party

John Foley held a swanky party at the Plaza Hotel, near Central Park, on December 8, with pictures of the glitzy bash being shared to social media by Peloton instructors. Mr Foley claimed the party was a 'personal' event hosted by himself for his 'vaccinated family and friends' and was not affiliated with Peloton, according to a company-wide email seen by The New York Post.

A total of $25 million will be shared by 51 plaintiffs, including families of the 17 dead as well as students and staff who were injured. Another $1.25 million will be paid in one lump sum to Anthony Borges.

Ricardo Martinelli Jr., son of Panama's former president, Ricardo Martinelli, pleaded guilty Tuesday in New York to laundering $28 million in connection for a relative linked to Odebrecht.

A 'hot mother' who looks identical to her 21-year-old daughter has revealed all about her romantic life - including going on double dates with her child and constantly having her dating profile deleted. Joleen Diaz, 44, from California (right), puts her youthful glow down to old-fashioned clean living and gets younger men sliding into her DMs on a regular basis. However, dating isn't as straightforward as it seems for the internet appointed 'hot mother' - because she claims people keep reporting her Hinge profile because they think she's a catfish. Left: Joleen (right) at the beac with her daughtere. Inset: The single mother (left) with Meilani.

Longtime NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya is reportedly changing roles at NBC sports just weeks after slammed Colin Kaepernick's Netflix series for likening football players to slaves.

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood says he would NEVER shower with NFL teammates out of fear that he would get turned on and be outed as gay: Opens up about 'homophobic but homoerotic' locker room antics 

Colton, 29, shocked his fans when he publicly came out in April - after spending years hiding his sexuality from the world. Now, he has revealed how hard it was for him to be in the locker room with the other players, while trying to keep his sexuality hidden from them. Colton said players would joke about each other's 'penis sizes,' but if someone looked at someone else for too long, they would call them names like 'a f*g.' He said he would often keep to himself, avoid looking at his teammates, and would never shower around them because he feared he might get 'turned on.'

What the hell was Ben Affleck thinking when he sat down with Howard Stern and decided to humiliate Jennifer Garner in the unkindest possible manner? In a self-indulgent orgy of deeply personal revelation from the man who supposedly hates media attention, Affleck effectively blamed his ex-wife for the alcoholism he experienced during their marriage. Even by Hollywood standards, this is astonishingly selfish and self-centered conduct, but hardly surprising from a supremely narcissistic 49-year-old man who recently inked a ludicrous gigantic tattoo of a rising phoenix all over his back in a clear sign that he's having a pitiful mid-life crisis.

'We have a N*****': Louisiana judge asks for 'forgiveness' after video captures her using n-word with her family while watching surveillance of attempted burglary at her home

Republican Louisiana judge Michelle Odinet, 52, has asked for 'forgiveness' since video footage of her spewing racial slurs such as the 'n-word' have surfaced online. Odinet was captured making the comments as her and her family sat around and watched surveillance footage of an attempted burglary at their home in which she spewed 'We have a n****r. It's a n****r, like a roach.' The mother of four has since been called to resign by local officials for her comments and members of the community after the footage circulated on social media. The suspect Robert Handy, 59, was arrested by the Lafayette Police Department early on Saturday morning and was charged with two counts of simply burglary.

Agoble Tovaglia BBQ, Panno Tovaglia Poliestere 85X85CM 3

Brooklyn Center Police Department Sgt Mike Peterson told jurors in Kim Potter's trial that 'mistakes happen' in policing and described the former cop as 'peaceful and law-abiding.'

Kelly, 31, and Steuart, 40, began dating in 2017 and had an under-the-radar wedding in 2019. According to Page Six, Kelly and Steuart are reportedly expecting their first baby next month and are keeping the name quiet. Kelly, who was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue's 2015 Rookie of the Year, starred in Pamela Anderson's role in the film version of Baywatch in 2017. Steuart, whose family is worth an estimated $238 billion, sits on the Walmart board and has started several businesses of his own. Kelly also grew up wealthy in Greenwich, Connecticut and previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio.

Chauvin, 45, is already serving 22 years behind bars on state murder charges for murdering Floyd. On Wednesday, he was in court in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, to plead guilty to federal charges.

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter found a water-rich area Mars's Grand Canyon that is about the size of the Netherlands. Scientists are not sure what form the water is in, but suggest it is ice.

District Judge Danilo 'Danny' Lacayo was accidentally tased in his own courtroom when he tried to help subdue an unruly defendant who reportedly attacked a bailiff and the prosecutor.

'I love my body the way it is': Transgender reality star Jazz Jennings says she feels 'beautiful at every shape and size' after 100 lb. weight gain - but wants to shed pounds for her health

Jazz, 21, discusses the nearly 100 lbs. she has gained in the past two years in this season of I Am Jazz, admitting the cause is binge-eating and medication. Though she is trying to lose weight, in a recent episode, she insists it is for health purposes because 'I don't feel good with some of the foods I have been eating.' 'I honestly feel beautiful at every shape and size,' she said. Elsewhere in the show, Jazz (pictured inset before her weight gain) has accused her family of fat-shaming her by criticizing her eating habits. She revealed the results of her 100 lb. weight gain with a candid Instagram post this summer.

New York City is set to ban the use of natural gas in new buildings as part of Mayor de Blasio's Green New Deal. Buildings shorter than seven stories to go electric by Jan 2024, and taller ones July 2027.

Still got the music: Kentucky man finds solace in his water-logged grand piano after worst storm in state's history destroys his home

Jordan Baize, 34, sat down at the instrument where his living room used to be after the deadly storm knocked down the walls and roof, leaving him surrounded by wreckage in the somber scene in Bremen, Kentucky. Footage taken by his sister Whitney Brown, 32, shows Jordan sat at the piano playing the Christian hymn There's Something about that Name amid the destruction. Whitney had visited to help her brother salvage whatever they could and was sifting through clothes when she heard the music playing after the tornado ripped through the city.

Jha'lil Dunbar died in his mother's arms on Saturday when a tornado ripped through the family's Mayfield home, causing the upper levels of the home to collapse and trap them under piles of debris.

SDNY prosecutors have recently heard from one of Trump's longtime accountants outside of his company as well as a former director at Deutsche Bank, a new report revealed.

Haley Parke, 28, gave birth via C-section on December 2 while her husband, Jb, was in the ICU dying of cancer. Jb was able to meet his son and died with the baby on his chest.


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Moment trailer carrying over 160 US-bound migrants passes through toll booth before it crashed in Mexico and left 56 people dead

Never-before-seen footage shows a truck driver approaching a toll booth and being cleared by an immigration agent moments before the deadly crash that left 56 United States-bound migrants dead and at least 107 injured in southern Mexico. The tractor trailer was traveling alongside a second truck on a stretch of a highway that connects the Chiapas cities of Chiapa de Corzo and Tuxtla Gutiérrez before they were both picked up by a surveillance camera last Thursday afternoon. The second truck is cleared to pass through the far left lane approximately at 3:14 p.m. a minute passed before the truck that was involved in the tragic incident appeared in the camera nearing the toll booth on the adjacent lane.

Succession is known for bringing the 'stealth wealth' designer wardrobe of the mega rich to TV. But look a little closer and you'll find some of the characters' seemingly high-end pieces are actually bought from British High Street brands. The wardrobe department seamlessly blends designer buys from Ralph Lauren Collection, Monique Lhuillier and Proenza Schouler with affordable finds from the likes of Reiss (second from right) and Hobbs (far right). In the season 3 finale, for example, Shiv (Sarah Snook) wore an ill-fitting $260 Ted Baker dress to her mother Caroline's (Harriet Walter) Italian wedding (left). Willa (Justine Lupe) wore the Ted Baker $380 Tedi Printed Midi Dress, which combines charming florals, an asymmetric frill detail and a lace-up back, in episode 6 (second from left).

The property, located in one of the country's most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods, has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a single-story main house and a two-story guest house.

Jordan Bowers (left) and Andrew Carlson (right), the parents of missing five-year-old Washington state girl Oakley Carlson, have been arrested on unrelated charges of abandonment.

Labradoodle is left with horrific burns all over his body after being set ON FIRE in a 'horrendous act of evil' before being found running along a Georgia street completely engulfed in flames 

The dog, named Will, was almost killed from the vicious act, and is now expected to be in the hospital for weeks as he goes through a long and painful recovery. On December 5, people in Dekalb county noticed him walking down the street - completely engulfed in flames. He was rushed to an animal hospital. After spending a week in critical condition, vets said they think he'll make a full recovery - but will have to get many procedures to remove his damaged tissue. Dog Days Rescue has been sharing updates on Will since the incident, and was happy to report on December 8 that the pup wagged his tail for the first time. They said he has since remained in 'good spirits,' and loves to give 'kisses and cuddles' to the staff.

A map published on the English language newspaper's front page on Wednesday shows pins representing rocket strike locations for dozens of potential targets in Israel.

The 41-year-old model and reality star, who dated the late Playboy founder from 2001 to 2008, chat in detail about her time living at the Playboy Mansion on the podcast.

Thrifty bride goes viral after revealing she bought her wedding dress for just $3 at GOODWILL - as fans say the budget design makes her look just like Meghan Markle 

Rachel Connealy, 26, from Florida, showed off the full-length silk gown she wore to her wedding ceremony on TikTok this week. The savvy thrifter found the dress at Goodwill and paid just $3 for it. Rachel's elegant gown featured draping across the bodice and a sheer capelet. She also found a second wedding dress for $5 that she wore to her reception. The average cost of a wedding gown in the U.S. is $1,631, including alterations, but prices can range from $500 to $25,000 or more, depending on the designer. Rachel's wedding dress videos have earned a combined total of nearly 1.5 million views, and fans insisted she looked just like the Duchess of Sussex on her big day.

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Meet Ascento Pro! Incredible two-wheeled autonomous robot can climb UP full flights of stairs and drive at speeds of up to 7.5mph

The 'Ascento Pro' (left) is the brainchild of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich) spin-off firm Ascento Robotics, building on their previous designs. The cute robot - which looks like the wheeled baby of an AT-ST Walker from Star Wars - could find applications in inspection, surveillance and 'last mile' delivery. Pictured: the robot can climb stairs (top right) and navigate using cameras and LiDAR (bottom right).

Fascinating footage of life on board the Regal Princess - a cruise ship with beds 'fit for royalty' and a fear-inducing glass walkway that cantilevers over the water

Travel writer Jo Kessel filmed the razzle dazzle aboard the Regal Princess, putting the ship's 'luxury' bedding, mini-suite bathtub and giddying 16-deck-high glass walkway to the test. Her footage has the inside scoop on the ship's entertainment and the best places to wine and dine on board. Jo says: 'Did Regal Princess live up to its name? Actually, yes! I felt like royalty from start to finish.'


Showbiz extra

Queen Letizia of Spain, 49, showed her toned physique in a sleeveless Nina Ricci top and skirt she first wore in 2015 as she attended the event with her husband the King, 53, in Madrid tonight. The mother-of-two looked at ease as she mingled with Spain's top athletes during an evening organised by the Spanish Olympic Committee, looking back on the achievements of the country's athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

The footage was captured in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, on December 11 and shows St John's Parish Church after it was damaged by Storm Barra last week.

The dolphin was spotted doing the manoeuvre - suspended vertically with its nose down, fully underwater and rotating slowly - thanks to drone footage off the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Deep-sea monster! Rare Pacific footballfish that has only been seen out of the ocean 31 times is found dead on San Diego beach

Thee Pacific footballfish measures more than a foot long. It has a jet-black body covered in prickly skin and a mouth full of needle-sharp teeth, but its iconic feature is the stalk on its head. The specimen is a female that weighs about 5 pounds and is now in the hands of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which intends on preserving it.